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Superior Court of California, County of Monterey
Calendar - Public
Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Courtroom - 1
Last Update : 2:11 PM - 3/31/2015

TimeCase No.Case NameAttorney Name
8:30 amSS140894A Brazell, Nicole Dozier, James
8:30 amMS322162A Bustamante, Betty A Hackett, Bryan
Penaloza, Maribel
8:30 amSS143044A Sanchez, Maria D Grio, Stephanie
9:30 amSS142628A Alvarez, Manuel Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS141249A Ambers, Heather Rutledge, Katera
9:30 amSS142952A Andrade, Jairo George, Evan
9:30 amSS142759A Ayala, Abiel A Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS121909A Combs, Andre Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS142627A Davis, Ricky Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS140182A Foote, Troy Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS141493A Foote, Troy Egar, James
9:30 amMS320796A Foote, Troy Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amMS328013A Foote, Troy Egar, James
9:30 amSS142478A Fulsom, Ryan Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS143129A Gentry, Chante Grio, Stephanie
9:30 amSS142479A Hackworth, Robert Hermsdorfer, Joel
9:30 amSS142950A Lopez, Michael Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS142950B Martinez, Ronald Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS142627B McDermott, Katrina A Grio, Stephanie
9:30 amSS150362A Mcpherson, Erik Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS121329A Mendoza, Francisco Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS150415A Mercer, Eddie Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS142762A Rodriguez, Edgardo Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS140894B Succaw, Christopher Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS131188A Tafoya, Alfredo D Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS130393A Thompson, James Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS142762B Vasquez, Anthony Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS131594A Vinyard, Joshuwa Rutledge, Richard
9:30 amSS082323B Xavier, Gary Dumars, Eric
9:30 amSS091932A Xavier, Gary Dumars, Eric
10:00 amPH15030 Aguilar, Juan C
10:00 amPH15029 Avila, Francisco J
10:00 amPH15031 Dames, Andrew S
10:00 amPH15032 Lopez, Jeffrey D
10:00 amPS15025 Morales, Anthony F
1:30 pmSS130135A Brooks, John S Egar, James
1:30 pmSS130788A Brooks, John S Egar, James
1:30 pmSS150164A Grab, Robert E
1:30 pmMS329233A Perez, Antonio
1:30 pmMS319924A Perez, Antonio
1:30 pmMS305557A Perez, Antonio
1:30 pmMS310509A Perez, Antonio Egar, James
1:30 pmSS150460A Perez, Antonio
1:30 pmMS327756A Perez, Antonio
1:30 pmMS309866A Perez, Antonio M
1:30 pmSS110984A Ramirez, Eric G Egar, James
1:30 pmSS150242A Ramirez, Erik A
1:30 pmMS314775A Rodriguez, Ernest Egar, James
1:30 pmSS131673A Rodriguez, Ernest C Egar, James
1:30 pmSS141597A Rodriguez, Ernest C Egar, James
1:30 pmSS150185A Rodriguez, Ernest C
1:30 pmSS150483A Shubin, Jimmy L
1:30 pmSS140144A Soucy, Derek R Hughes, Thomas
1:30 pmSS150341A Worley, Stephen K
2:00 pmPH15020 Dorsey, Lester
2:00 pmPH15024 Esquivel, Sean T Egar, James
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