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Superior Court of California, County of Monterey
Calendar - Public
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Courtroom - 1
Last Update : 9:10 AM - 2/22/2017

TimeCase No.Case NameAttorney Name
8:30 amSS021819A Anderson, Roger West, Rick
8:30 amMS325302A Anding, Tracy Dice, Frank
8:30 amMS327462A Anding, Tracy L Dice, Frank
8:30 amSS161653B Anding, Tracy L Dice, Frank
8:30 amSS161653A Gaebelein, Christopher J West, Richard
8:30 amMS336943A Gaebelein, Christopher J West, Richard
8:30 amSS142902A Gaebelein, Christopher J West, Richard
9:00 amSS161103A Duran, Joshua Brown, Pamela
9:00 amSS151163A Gray, Justin R George, Evan
9:00 amSS160708A Hernandez, Alfredo Buckles, Geoffrey
9:00 amSS160591C Jobelius, Brandi K Brown, Pamela
9:00 amSS160591A Jobelius, Joel Hill, Monique
9:00 amSS170282A Parish, Rita Grio, Stephanie
9:00 amSS161199A Puentes, Angel Dolowich, Jamey
9:00 amSS160708B Zuniga, Edward M Dolowich, Jamey
9:30 amSS161034A Alarcon, Louis
9:30 amSS161466A Calderon, Francisco Dolowich, Jamey
9:30 amSS151772A Gonzalez, Horacio Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS161853B Hensley, Scott A Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS160406B Merino, German Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS161467A Osegueda, Samuel Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS161853A Reyeros, Fernando G Taylor, Dylan
9:30 amSS161850A Salazar, Richard Buckles, Geoffrey
9:30 amSS160003A Shirazi, Hossein Dudek, Richard
9:30 amSS161104A Vasquez, Gilbert Taylor, Dylan
9:30 amSS160406A Vega, Christian Dolowich, Jamey
10:00 amPH17005 Battle, Antonie D
10:00 amPS17011 Guatemala, Fernando
10:00 amPH17006 Ortiz, Raul M
10:00 amPS17005 Perkins, Joseph L Davis, Deana
10:00 amMS348148A Perkins, Joseph L
10:00 amPS17012 Renteria, Dora A
10:00 amPH17009 Rocha, Anthony L
10:00 amPH17007 Russ, Michael L
10:00 amPH17010 Shaffer, David L
10:00 amPH17011 Smith, Benjamin
10:00 amPH17008 Smith, Derrick A
11:00 amSS170028B Aguilar, Paul
11:00 amSS170032A Barela, Armando
11:00 amSS170024A Castillo, Octavio C
11:00 amSS110313A Castillo, Octavio C O'Keefe, Thomas
11:00 amSS170031A Cowan, Tarahn
11:00 amSS170028A Gomez, Christian
11:00 amSS170025A Hernandez, Benjamin
11:00 amSS170027A Lathery, Larry W
11:00 amSS170030A Mejia, David
11:00 amSS170032B Mendoza, Frank
11:00 amSS170023A Navarez, David
11:00 amSS170029A Passes, Stephen
11:00 amSS170026A Stafford, Antwine
11:00 amSS161851A Walker, Christopher
1:30 pmMS335827A Agoy, Carmen A Egar, James
1:30 pmSS151215B Camacho, Carlos F
1:30 pmSS170314A Camacho, Carlos F
1:30 pmSS150674A Camacho, Carlos F Egar, James
1:30 pmSS160236A Martinez, Carmen
1:30 pmMS346641A Rubalcaba, Jennifer
1:30 pmSS161627A Rubalcaba, Jennifer
1:30 pmMS343683A Rubalcava, Jennifer Dice, Frank
1:30 pmMS337558A Rubalcava, Jennifer M Egar, James
1:30 pmSS170121A Virtue, Paul D
1:30 pmMS328411A Virtue, Paul D
1:30 pmSS140407A Virtue, Paul D Buckles, Geoffrey
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